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Return to your natural state of optimal health

Experience the Quantum Flow method
and tap into your own inner healing power.

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About the method

A powerful embodiment practice


Quantum Flow is a unique manifestation tool, an embodiment practice using ancestral techniques in fusion with modern methods to help us to return to our natural state and be the best version of ourselves. It is a powerful practice that can be used to improve all areas of all lives and among others it is a modality to restore and sustain health. 
The Quantum Flow method has been developed over 20 years by Juan Pablo Barahona.

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Why Quantum Flow?

Embodiment - Manifestation - Biohack

Quantum Flow is using body movements combined with breath flow and sounds. It works not only on the physical level but on energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual level too.
We can reset our nervous system, release emotional blockages that are holding us back, release trauma, break patterns and re-program ourselves 

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About me

Are You Ready To Access Your Innate Healing Capacity?


My name is Monika Vass

HealPower is about restoring and sustaining optimal health.

As a Quantum Flow Practitioner, I provide practice sessions to help you release past traumas and emotional blockages and therefore I can support you to overcome your health related challenges. Since 2020 I'm a certified Quantum Flow Practitioner and I'm enthusiastic about helping people to reset their body, mind and spirit to the optimal, aligned state. Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health and wellbeing.

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You are not a victim. You are blessed with an intelligent body. Step into your power!

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Becoming a Practitioner

I got certified as a Quantum Flow Practitioner in 2020.

I suffered from multiple health issues in my life. When western medicine failed I started to look into alternative therapies and natural remedies.  I tried several healing modalities. 


After recovering from a long term chronic respiratory condition with the help of this wonderful method I decided I wanted to help others to heal. 

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1-to-1 Quantum Flow Practice Sessions (Online)
Customised to personal needs

29 USD

Online Fitness

7x sessions
of 1-to-1
Quantum Flow (1/week)

Package: 179 USD

Quantum Flow Group practice sessions
(Online - Zoom)

1 hr - 10 USD/p

Yoga Class

Online course
'Return to your natural healthy state - The art of Quantum Flow'

Coming soon...

Online Class
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Sand Texture

"I feel very energised and my senses are heightend. My brain feels very clear and my shoulders are not tense. I want to embrace the day."


"My headache was gone by the end of the Quantum Flow session. My nose often gets blocked, it opened and I could breathe better. I experienced a euphoric feeling and I felt generally better."


"I felt the energetic forces flow through the whole body to the fingertips.
Monika takes her time to explains the details of every excersize and their benefits."


"In the end on the Quantum Flow session I felt a relief in my chest in the heart area. I also felt energised and the exersizes moved my muscles well."


"At first I found it a little bit challenging to coordinate the movements, muscles and the breath. But I was able to feel the vibration after the exercises and the release of inner barriers and anxiety."


"The Quantum Flow practice relaxes me pleasantly, recharges me and put me in a meditative state though the instructions by Monika during the movements."


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"The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.”

(Harry J. Johnson)

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